Middle School Math Re-testing

Good Evening, SCS Families. This is Ms. Price with an important message regarding middle school math testing. Due to the problems earlier in the week with some math problems not showing correctly on the math EOG, we have received permission to re-test students who had compromised tests. 7th graders,  8th graders, and 8th graders who take Math I will re-test on Monday, June 4. 6th graders will re-test on Tuesday, June 5.

During the investigation of the issues, it was found that Chromebooks are a better platform for the math portion of the state testing; therefore, students will test on Chromebooks for the re-tests. Today, we used Chromebooks for high school math testing successfully.

Thank you for your patience during this testing season.  Please contact me or Ms. Tuck Thomas, SCS Test Coordinator with any questions.



2 thoughts on “Middle School Math Re-testing”

  1. Ms Price,

    2 students from 8th grade who had Math 1 are also meant to take English 1 on Monday. Please contact Mr Cousin (?) to let him know.

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