Daily Announcements–Monday, March 12, 2018

New  Announcements

Keep our Earth healthy! Students & staff are reminded to recycle & terra-cycle using the available bins in the front lobby and the cafeteria.

There are many items for collection. Please check Ms. Price’s blog for the complete list. Here are a couple of featured collection items.

–All FOIL-LINED bar wrappers—any brand.

— Aluminum & plastic drink pouches with straws or spouts

Thank you in advance for your participation!


March is National Women’s History Month–Each year there is a special Theme and women whose lives exemplify that theme are selected as National Honorees.  NEVERTHELESS SHE PERSISTED:Honoring Women Who Fight All Formsof Discrimination Against Women

The 2018 National Women’s History theme presents the opportunity to honor women who have shaped America’s history and its future through their tireless commitment to ending discrimination against women and girls. The theme embodies women working together with strength, tenacity and courage to overcome obstacles and achieve joyful accomplishments.

Ava DuVernay is a director, producer and screenwriter whose highly-anticipated movie, “A Wrinkle in Time,” has earned her recognition as the first African-American woman to direct a film with a budget over $100 million.

But unlike many directors who got their start in the industry with film school and assistant positions, DuVernay’s journey has been far from traditional.

“When people tell [my story], it’s about race and gender — ‘black woman director’ — but my story’s also really about age, because I didn’t pick up a camera until I was 32,” she tells Refinery29.

Instead of going to film school, DuVernay went to the University of California, Los Angeles and majored in English and African-American studies. Initially, she set her sights on a career in journalism, but an internship at CBS News quickly changed her trajectory.

“For me to pick up a camera as a black woman who did not go to film school — this is a testament to whatever path you’re on right now is not necessarily the path you have to stay on,” DuVernay tells Refinery29. “If you’re on a path that’s not the one that you want to be on, you can also pivot, and you can also move, and age doesn’t make a difference, race, gender. It’s about putting one step in front of another, about forward movement to where you wanna be.”


An Army Recruiter will be on campus during high school lunch on March 13 for any interested students.


All 8th grade students who plan to participate in the Emily K program, applications are due to Ms. Settle by March 14.


Today SCS will follow the 2-Hour Early Release Schedule.


Recurring  Announcements

Attention all students, staff and friends: Are you and your family looking to buy and new TV? Well, look no further than this 49 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV that comes with a Roku TV remote. The TV, which is displayed in the cafeteria, can be won by buying a raffle ticket for $5 each or for $20 you can get 5 tickets. All proceeds will go towards the Prom Committee. You can purchase your ticket from Coach Barnes or Ms. Street. The drawing will take place on April 27. A picture and details for the drawing can be found on the SCS Facebook page.


Office of Senator Chad Barefoot is now accepting applications for the North Carolina Senate Page Program. The Page Program is a fun and interactive way for high school students to learn about the inner workings of state government firsthand by spending a week working at the General Assembly. Pages gain valuable experience working in the Senate Chamber, working in individual Senate offices, and meeting lawmakers and fellow students from all parts of North Carolina. More information about the Senate Page Program can be found on Ms. Price’s blog, Facebook or in the main office. The deadline to apply is March 16th!


Calling all staff, teachers, cafeteria workers, and custodians…Last call for pictures for the Who’s My Staff/Teacher Contest. Please submit pictures to Ms. Black in room 115 or email. We’re looking for elementary, middle or high school pictures or photos. Submit no later than Thursday, March 8.


Any middle or high school interested in participating in Duke Splash, please see Ms. Settle. You will have an opportunity to create your own 4 class schedule to include courses ranging from Pokemon 101 to Intro to Linear Algebra. Registration must be complete by March 31.


Attention Seniors: Ms. Settle is receiving brand new scholarship opportunities each week. Please don’t miss out on this FREE MONEY by failing to apply. See Ms. Settle and grab this FREE MONEY!


All Seniors: Please make note of your mandatory senior meeting time posted in Ms. Black’s room, Mr. P’s room, Ms. Stefan’s room, on the Resource Wall, and on the high school wall near Ms. Barnes’ room. Ms. Settle expects to see you in her office on time.

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