Parent Volunteers Needed for February SCS Career Fair

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of SCS are you interested in volunteering your services for our first SCS Career Fair in February 2018?  If so, the requirement is for you to setup a booth in our gym and speak with students as they visit your table concerning requirements/skills needed for fields listed below.  If there is a field not listed and you would like to participate please let us know and if slots are still available we will accommodate.  

Thanks again for your continuous support in educating your/our students and preparing them for the future.

The fields of interest would be: 

  • Food:  Food Lawyer, Food Stylist, Chef, Holistic Health Coach, Restaurant Designer, Urban Farmer, Vegan Chef, etc. 
  • Music:  Performers, Songwriting, Recording and Producing, Music Health, etc. 
  • Arts and Humanities:  Photographer, Graphic Designer, Fashion Designer, Historian, Sociologist, etc.
  • Movie/Video Production:  Camera Assistant, Automated Dialogue Replacement Recordist, Aerial Specialist, Anchor, Animal Trainer, Animator, Director, Script Supervisor, etc.
  • Science:  Aviation, Electrician, Chemist, Climate Change Analyst, etc.
  • Technology:  Data Analytics, Software Developer, IT Manager, Web Developer, Information Security Analyst, etc.
  • Engineering:  Automotive Engineer, Aerospace Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Drafting and Design Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Software Engineer, etc.
  • Math:  Treasurer, Physicist, Robotics, Biochemist, Mathematician, Astronomer, Actuary, etc.

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