Glow Dance Party Friday, October 30th

GLOW Dance Party tomorrow from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. This is for middle and high school students who will be given their own sections in the gym. Tickets, raffle tickets, and glow items like glasses and sticks are on sale during lunch periods. There will be lots of food for sale at the dance–hot dogs, chips, candy, etc. Costumes are allowed but must meet dress code requirements and no masks are allowed. Please pick up promptly at 6:30 p.m.!

Box Tops Update

Thank you to everyone who turned in Box Tops for Education. We raised over $330 for SCS during the fall collection. Prize packs for the winners of the drawing from names or students and teachers who turned in box tops have been given to the teachers.

Remember that the class that turns in the most Box Tops for the year will earn a pizza party!

Currently in 6th place with 255 Box Tops is Ms. Walker–6th grade

In 5th place with 291 Box Tops is Ms. Gray–6th grade

In 4th place with 295 Box Tops is Mr. Hartwell–6th grade

In 3rd place with 428 Box Tops is Mr. Lewis–7th grade

In 2nd place with 538 Box Tops is Ms. Shelly–7th grade

and 1st place with 648 Box Tops is Ms. Washalefsky–7th grade

All class totals have been posted on the Box Top Class totals display by the guidance office. Thank you again to everyone that turned in Box Tops. The next turn-in date will be in February so continue saving your Box Tops for SCS.