Who Has the Most School Spirit?!?!?

Demonstrate your school spirit by fashioning the most creative, outside the box costumes for each theme day.

Monday: Wacky Tacky Day (Mismatch, over-accessorize, color clash, etc.)

Tuesday: Twin Day (Find a partner and create a creative twin combo)

Wednesday: School Colors Day (To be perfectly accented with the hat of your choice for $1)

Thursday: Character Day (Be your favorite literary/film/mythological character)

Friday: Halloween costumes

*On no day is it permissible to wear a mask of any kind

In addition, don’t just talk the talk; you have to walk the walk.  Show your grade level’s competitive best through spirit week penny wars!  Starting Monday each grade level will have a jar in front of the main office.  Each penny gains a point for your grade level.  All nickels, dimes, quarters, and bills will subtract points from a grade level.  Which grade level will collaborate to outwit all others and be champions of the penny wars?!  All funds will go toward the SCS scholarship fund.

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