UNC Catalyst Conference for High School Students

Every year, the Catalyst Conference brings a selected group of 100 high school students from across North Carolina to UNC Chapel Hill for a weekend-long exploration of social justice issues affecting both America and the larger world. Through leadership and personal development sessions, we aim to empower participants so they can serve as catalysts for positive change in their own communities. The Catalyst Conference serves a vital need, as encouraging today’s youth to take an interest in national and worldly issues is vital to securing an educated and passionate group of future leaders. These 100 students will face a challenging task; they will be asked to view the world through the eyes of another and come to a realization of the underlying similarities that connect us all.

Catalyst Conference 2015 seeks to:

  • Give high school students the opportunity to build and learn from personal relationships that transcend racial, ethnic, religious, and gender boundaries.
  • Provide an open forum for discussion of community issues of social justice and equality through a series of workshops to educate students about diversity and social issues.
  • Empower students to combat the apathy and ignorance threatening the future of America’s youth through personal development sessions and leadership training.
  • Create a network of peer support between high school students and college Catalyst Conference counselors.
  • Transform our high school students into catalysts for positive social change and generate a vision of social harmony for the 21st century and beyond.

The Catalyst Conference is a great opportunity and learning experience for developing high school students. The conference will take place on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill February 20-Februrary 22, 2015. A $50 registration fee is required upon acceptance (DO NOT include this with the application) to the conference, which helps to offset the cost of housing and food for the entire weekend. As we do not wish to exclude those with a financial need, if you have an interested student who may not be financially able to pay the entrance fee, please notify us separately and we may be able to offer a scholarship. Only high school students in grades 9-11 are eligible for application. No seniors or students who have previously attended will be accepted. Applications must be submitted through Google forms by Saturday, November 15th at 5 PM. If a student is unable to submit the application electronically, please tell them to e-mail unccatalyst@gmail.com for a paper copy as soon as possible. Once they receive a paper copy, it must be post-marked 3 days prior to the application due date.

Link to application:  http://campus-y.unc.edu/committees/education-youth-development/catalyst-conference

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