Junior Designer Programs at Amplify (6th & 7th graders)

Junior designer programs are great ways for students to learn new math skills, enhance their communication skills, gain exposure to possible careers in design and programming, and have an impact on math lessons that will be taught in classrooms.

Our current programs are aimed at 6th and 7th graders; however, we may have opportunities in the future for 8th graders as well. When students want to get involved in the program, parents can email me at this address, and I will provide registration paperwork.

All the programs are free and students are compensated for their participation. Students of all math capabilities are encouraged to join. Let me know if you still have any questions concerning the programs! Here is the list of upcoming programs:

After School Afternoons
September Math Seeds:
Sept. 11th & 18th

Year Round Track Out
October Math Webs:
September 29 – October 17th
Monday – Friday

Candida Hall | Associate Research Coordinator, Math Team | amplify.com

406 Blackwell St | Durham, NC, 27701 | 919.794.6516

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