Art Show at Northgate Mall

 Head on over to Northgate Mall  to check out the artwork on display from SCS. Our artists worked hard, and these 20 pieces are just a SMALL sample of the excellent projects created by our artists. Let’s celebrate their hard work! The following students have work on display:

    • Ashly Bray  (9th)
    • Mattiyah Jones  (9th)
    • Alex Gaines  (9th)
    • Justin Van Sickle  (9th)
    • Safiya Gallaghan  (9th)
    • Kyeru Evans  (9th)
    • Hailey Baldwin  (9th)
    • Rashidah Aristizabal  (7th)
    • DaShon Johnson  (7th)
    • Annalysa Fakir  (7th)
    • Mikayla McDaniel  (7th)
    • Izaiah Hendren  (7th)
    • Vanessa Sarao Cortez  (7th)
    • Suzette Yanez  (6th)
    • Bethany Dodson  (6th)
    • Maxwell LaDue  (6th)
    • Jason McMiller  (6th)
    • Finn Horstman  (6th)
    • Michael Guilmette  (6th)
    • Rosa Glass  (6th)

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