Weekly Connect-Ed Message (2/17-21)

Registration for Advanced Placement Exams is now open for our 9th grade students enrolled in AP World History. Students must register and pay for exam(s) before they ordered. The cost of each exam is $89,00, and the payment deadline is March 7, 2014.  Jane McAdoo, district AIG Facilitator, will handle registration. If you have questions, please contact the main office.

The girls cross country club will begin its spring season tomorrow, February 18th. They will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. The club plans to train for a local 5k and will help build SCS’s first nature trail. The club welcomes girls of all abilities. See Ms. Sims or Ms. Edwards with questions.

Registration forms for next school year will be sent home with students this week. Please take time to review the course selections with your child and return the forms to homeroom teachers by next Monday. Middle school students will be selecting elective courses only, and core class placements will be made at the end of this school year. The elective courses are titled the same as this year, but students will receive a different curriculum so it is ok to sign up for electives that you’ve taken this school year.  High school students will register for all courses.   If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact Ms. Price or Ms. Hagan.

We will be starting a choir club soon. Look for details on the website and my blog. If students are interested in attending, they should listen to announcements and stay on the appropriate day.

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